Watergate Project

Welcome to the home of Milestone's state-of-the-art ProjectWeb for the Watergate Project. This is an example of the project webs we use to inform and report to clients worldwide.

Our clients can see every step of a project with shop tours, shipping and production reports available anytime, day or night. This is another reason why Milestone is chosen over our competition. We base our company on Artistry, Technology and Sound business practices.

This page shows a project completed in the Watergate office building in Washington, DC. Milestone was hired to design, engineer, manufacture and supervise installation of these extraordinary sculptural elements.

From schedules and timelines to a comprehensive project member directory to galleries of pictures showing every phase of the project, this site is your tool to bring together all partners in the project as it relates to Milestone, and as Milestone relates to you.

We ask that you use this site for every bit of information that is relative to the project. This assures that all parties will be notified simultaneously and seamlessly. The net affect of this will be:

1) Better communication.
2) Less scheduling problems.
3) Better overall project outcome.
4) Increased owner satisfaction.



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