ASTM C 150
Specification for Portland Cement.

ASTM C 979
Specification for Pigments for Integrally Colored Concrete

ASTM C 1194
Test method for Compressive Strength of Architectural Cast Stone. Compressive Strength Shall fall between 3170 and 3820 Unconfined Compressive Strength (psi) at 28 days when tested in accordance with the requirements of this specification, ASTM C1194, Compressive Strength. The variations will be due to specific mix designs for certain product applications; these figures correspond to density ratios of 50 85 lbs/ft3.

ASTM C 1195
Test method for Absorption of Architectural Cast Stone.

ASTM D 2244
Test Method for Calculation of Color Differences From Instrumentally Measured Color Coordinates.

ASTM C 666
Test Method for Resistance of Concrete to Rapid Freezing and Thawing.

Test five specimens per 500 cubic feet at random from jobsite or from plant production for compressive strength and absorption in accordance with referenced standards. Results below

91, structural lightweight concrete

91A, lightweight insulating concrete.

ASTM C 1364
Specification for architectural cast stone requires the CPML value to be 5 or less. The % CPML value range of Milestone is shown below.

Fire Resistance - Toxicity
Milestone is extremely fire resistant and thus well suited to fire rated applications. The pieces will not burn, spall, or give off toxic gasses, fumes or smoke. Pieces and all ingredients are completely non toxic.

The coefficient of linear expansion for Milestone aerated concrete is of the same order as that of normal concrete, i.e. 0.000005 per degree F. The aerated concrete, like all cement materials has a shrinkage phenomenon during the setting stage, during the first 28 days. We keep the pieces carefully wrapped during the 28 day curing stage and shrinkage is kept under 0.1%, after which time, it is negligible

300 cycle rapid freeze/thaw durability: Our pieces were placed wet, in a subzero deep-freeze until totally frozen; and then rapidly thawed, this process was repeated 300 times. Every 39 cycles, the piece was x-rayed to determine any interior damage. (There was none) Some cast stone companies use different sized aggregates in the interior of the cast pieces; these aggregates handle the freeze thaw climate at different rates, so interior damage occurs in these and natural types of stone long before exterior problems are seen, hence the need for the x-rays. Milestone has a unique cellular structure that is water repellant and consistent throughout, so it is inert to sun and water exposure; creating a highly insulating, sound absorbing, fireproof factor that is not found in other stone products.

RESULTS: 08.28.2000
Project # ASD00-149-00 Assignment # 5-241389: Cast Stone Testing Freeze thaw @300 cycles:

4-07- 3 sample 1

4-11- 3 sample 2

4-12- 3 sample 3

4-13- 2.6 sample 4

4-14- 2.9 sample 5

ASTM C 666**
300 cycle freeze thaw test
ASTM C 1364*
%CPML-durability test

The Milestone specimens showed no indication of chipping, spalling, or disintegrating at the completion of the freezing and thawing tests. 300 cycles of rapidly repeated freezing and thawing is estimated as being equivalent to 100 years of weather exposure in a severe geographical latitude.
—David P. Darnell, Senior Materials Specialist, Raba Kistner

*ASTM C 1364: % CPML: a Cast Stone Durability Test: The ASTM specification for heavy cast stone requires the % CPML value to be 5 or less.
** Precast Concrete for bridges must hit a composite score of 80 on the C 666 test for ASTM specification approvals.

For additional information see our specifications manual.