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Custom Stone Award

residential commercial casino and hospitality historic replication


Casino and Hospitality

Custom/Historic Replication

We love to help homeowners remodel or decorate their home and garden! Attention DIY groups: With our easy to follow instructions, you can self-install decorative columns, a fireplace, outdoor fountain, or gazebo with grill, arbor and garden furniture.

Building Products Magazine, an official publication of the NAHB, annually features the 100 most requested products. Congratulations were handed to the Amarillo, TX based manufacturer, Milestone for being chosen as the 47th product of the TOP 100. This prestigious award goes only to the highest quality, best of service companies in the building industry, and Milestone certainly qualifies.

We feel a great responsibility for our clients and the world class properties that Milestone is proud to be a part of. We achieve the architectural direction, style or statement that is expressed by the design, and more importantly, provide new found creative freedom to the architect, and realistic budgets to the contractor.

"When our client came to us with the request to build a full-scale Roman Ruins in the Watergate Office Building, curved stone amphitheatre seating and stone entry, we looked to Milestone to handle the design, engineering, manufacture and installation consultation for us."

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